Compressed Gas Industry

Represented clients in the compressed gas industry in 29 States involving the following legal services:

  • Civil Litigation and Trials.
  • Collections, (both monetary recovery and recovery of cylinders).
  • Loss prevention (plant operations; transportation, etc.).
  • Preparing business forms (product supply agreements, credit applications, invoices, employee handbooks/manuals, shipping and delivery tickets/shipping manifests, confidentiality agreements, etc.)
  • Competitive business practices (e.g., trade secret, unfair competition, customer lists, non solicitation and non-compete issues).
  • Employment matters (e.g., wrongful termination, discrimination, wage and hour violations, workers= compensation matters).
  • Code of Federal Regulation Compliance.
  • OSHA compliance.
  • DOT compliance.
  • HazMat/MSDS compliance.
  • Defense of tort liability/indemnity claims involved in plant filling, loading, transporting operations and catastrophic plant operations leading to death, millions of dollars in property damage, etc.
  • Management of liability claims stemming from gas/cryogenic contamination/impurity disputes (biotech; breathing air; medical/FDA, etc.).