At Kaplan Law Firm, our business is helping people. We remain unwavering in our continuing commitment and belief that the practice of law is a noble mission, where we are genuinely interested in helping others. Because of that, our lawyers look at things differently than others who simply go through the motions.

“Doing the right thing” for our clients is our professional and moral commitment that guides each and every decision. More than leading to our success, that commitment has forged lasting relationships with our clients for decades.

We are a uniquely sized firm by design. Many large firms treat the law as simply another kind of business. It is a pervasive outlook that has made specialization an end in itself, diminishing client contact, and has led to “one size fits all” bundling of legal services at crippling rates.

Our firm motto is, “Perceptive, Persistent, Persuasive.” Those words define who we are, how we approach every matter, and what we provide our clients. The hallmarks that guide us are our integrity, creativity, persistence, and our willingness to fight to verdict when necessary.

Andrew Kaplan is located at the Law Office of Kaplan Law Firm, 3563 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103