webappealsIt’s not just the facts; it’s also who tries the case.

Our clients turn to us when it matters most. Every lawsuit, from bet-the-company litigation to a dispute between former friends, can turn the world upside down for those involved. For more than 23 years, our clients have trusted us to fight for them.

Our willingness and ability to take a case to verdict and win is the key to our wide-ranging trial practice in both state and federal courts. Of course, sometimes the best strategy is keeping clients out of the courtroom. If possible, we try to avoid litigation through negotiation, mediation, or other alternative approaches. We understand the pressure clients often face to resolve a case without the risk and expense of a trial, and have broad experience in securing the dismissal or settlement of litigation matters in the early stages of a lawsuit. But when a case simply has to go to trial, our experience, creativity, and judgment are invaluable.

While based in San Diego, our trial practice is national in scope, with our seasoned trial lawyers frequently appearing pro hac vice in lawsuits brought in other states. Even other prestigious law firms associate us into a case as co-counsel to “pinch hit” for them at trial.