Kaplan Law Firm Wins Contested Trial in Pennsylvania

Kaplan Law Firm was retained to represent a Midwestern industrial supply company as Plaintiff in a breach of contract and breach of warranty lawsuit over defective bulk cryogenic storage vessels supplying liquid nitrogen for laser applications in manufacturing. The lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania where the defendants (one of whom was a large global manufacturer of cryogenic vessels) were headquartered.

When the case failed to settle, Andrew Kaplan was admitted pro hac vice in Pennsylvania to try the case. After a hard-fought trial involving multiple experts on the subject of industry standards and A.S.M.E. certification issues, Kaplan Law Firm won a complete judgment in favor of its client, and did it in the defendants’ own back yard.

The case is Huber Supply Co., Inc. v. Titan Industries, LLC and ACME Cryogenics, Inc.